1. Q: The American Disabilities Act requires public places to be wheelchair accessible. Why do I need the StairMaster Wheelchair?

A: If the access in your home or other places you visit are not up to ADA standards or have steps and stairs, the StairMaster can greatly improve your access. If you occasionally attempt risky maneuvers, like driving off a curb or traveling on a steep slope, the StairMaster will provide a safer option.

2. Q: Doesn't look safe. How can I be sure it will be safe for me?

A: The StairMaster has provisions to insure safety, including sensors and computer logic to prevent proceeding in unsafe direction, such as a stair slope that is too steep or a step that is too high. Tip back or tip forward are controlled by skids and wheels in the front and back. An assistant or handrails for balancing is not required. It automatically locks in place when the joystick is released or the battery dies. No special skills are required. The StairMaster is adaptable to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) controls.

3. Q: How does it work?

A: Spider wheels rotate to climb. Skids and caster move to balance. Sensors "feel" the stairs and monitor the pitch. Operator controls the speed and direction. A computer converts sensor and operator inputs to control inputs for system motors.
4. Q: I spend my day in a wheelchair. Can it tilt for comfort and pressure relief? Can it adjust seat height?

A: The production version will have powered tilt, leg rest elevation and seat height adjustment.

5. Q: Does it stay level and not tilt during climbing?

A: The StairMaster seat stays level within a narrow range. There is no visible tilting (front or rear supports lifting off the step or stair surfaces).

6. Q: Do I need to align the StairMaster with steps or stairs before climbing?

A: No. Skids and cams steer the StairMaster to align with the step edges for ascending and descending. The StairMaster halts motion on one side until the other side has caught up.

7. Q: If I get distracted or fall asleep while climbing stairs, am I going to tumble down the stairs?

A: No! The StairMaster automatically locks in place when the joystick is released.
Where would you go if your wheelchair could climb stairs?
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